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You have customers who are dealing of have dealt with head lice, and they are panicking! What next? We offer a wholesale program for Retailers, Drug stores/Pharmacists, Schools, etc.

If you’ve already heard about Lice Ice, you can buy directly on our site as bulk wholesale price is available. If you have questions for pallet orders, contact us below: 

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Most orders are processed the same day, sent via Ground Delivery from Mendota Heights, MN. Most normal shipping is 3-4 days. Expedited shipping is available.

If you’ve never heard of Lice Ice before:

  • INGREDIENTS: Purified water; SD Alcohol; PVP/VA copolymer; polyquaternium II; tragacanth gum; dimethicone copolyol; carbomer 940; triethanolamine; Empire Organics special blend of neem, tea tree, lemon, lavender, thyme, and rosemary essential oils; F D & C Blue No. 1; fragrance; benzophenone 4.
  • Lice Ice kills adult lice by suffocation. Allowing the gel to dry for at least 15 hours – this may be overnight. It will effectively remove dead lice when the hair is washed. The Lice Ice special blend will help to release the natural glue substance that hold the nits in place.
  • Lice Ice is a dual product: Non-toxic treatment and daily preventative in one tube!
  • We offer local and regional advertising opportunities
  • Stores are listed on our web site’s store locator
  • We attend state school nurse conferences

Send parents to this site for information on how to treat and prevent head lice.

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