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About the Distributors of Lice Ice

Lice Treatment For NursesLice Ice was developed in 1998 in direct response to requests for a powerful, effective and safe non-toxic natural head lice treatment and remedy. Lice Ice was formulated not only to kill adult head lice, but to also help release the natural glue substance that hold the nits in place. An added benefit discovered during development was that it could be used safely, effectively everyday as a guard against re-infestation.

Bright Ventures, LLC dba Lice Ice strives for nation-wide distribution to all retailers, schools, health care, and child care facilities. Lice Ice is Doctor Recommended.

Lice Ice presentations are made at school nurse conferences every year, where information and education is shared about how to treat and control lice.

We are dedicated to providing a quality, safe, effective product that is non-toxic and a great value to children and adults.

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