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"I have 3 girls ages 5,6,7 and have used all kinds of medicines to get rid of the lice. My mother and I were shopping at Walgreen’s and noticed the Lice Ice product when we walked in and I had to try it. Just wanted to let you know your product works 100% in getting rid of lice and nits. I will highly recommend your product to any parent with kids who has used every type of medicine. Thank You!

Fort Worth, TX
I love your product. It is the best product I have ever used!
Toledo, OH
I just found out today that my daughter had head lice. We made a mad dash to the local pharmacy and your product came HIGHLY recommended by the pharmacist. We got home and applied the product and before I even got finished, I noticed the little buggers were starting to die. Have to say, it worked quickly and hopefully no more applications will be needed…Thanks for a great product.
I am a school nurse and I recommend your product frequently. I like that it is a natural product, without toxins. Thanks…keep up the good work.
School Nurse
Wiggins, MS
It’s getting to be that season again, School has started, winter is coming and we are using a lot more of your product. Your product is awesome, Thank You so much!
Des Monies, IA
The nurse at my daughter’s school had a flier posted to her door informing parents of where to buy Lice Ice. Being that I had never heard of it, I researched it online. I went out the same day and bought a bottle and immediately there was relief not only in my daughter’s eyes, but my own. This product immediately took the awful itch away. We use it on a daily basis as a preventative and it has worked wonders. I would strongly recommend this product to every mother out there who is fighting a losing battle with head lice and nits. I will never use another product again.
San Antonio, TX
Your product is great! We used it as a preventative in my son’s class this last year as they were having constant classroom infestations. And, since this is an all natural product, we were able to use it on our dwarf hamster when she came down with mites-it got rid of them overnight and helped heal her skin. Thanks for coming out with this product-it works!
Pearland, TX
Great customer service!! Got delivery today. Thanks again…customer service like this is hard to find. Have a wonderful day!
I am quite a skeptic when it comes to “natural” products claiming to be the end all treatment, but I can honestly say without a doubt this product is incredible. I have battled lice with my own children along with others and have used the traditional store bought treatments and battled it for literally 2-3 months. This is the only lice remedy that has ever worked!!!!! We have only 1 pharmacy in town that sells it, but I have informed doctors and pharmacists in our area hoping to raise awareness to such an awesome product that actually works. Thank you so much.”
Dubuque, IA
I love your product!
School Nurse
I’ve had several parents try your remedy and it worked well!
School Nurse
As a school nurse, I deal with lice daily. Our school has many different homeopathic and organic products that have been donated. Over the years, I have found that Lice Ice is the most effective head lice remedy. In fact, our county buys each school a few bottles of Lice Ice every year. I keep the Lice Ice in the back of my cabinet and use it only for the children who just can’t get rid of the live eggs. I guess you could say that I horde the Lice Ice because it is so effective on those resistant little eggs!
School Nurse
I have found that this lice treatment works when nothing else will.
School Nurse
Kingsland, GA
It has been a week, and my daughter remains lice free. I greatly appreciate all your help and have recommended your product to anyone who even whispers the word lice.”
Austin, TX
We had several chronic head lice cases who never seemed to get rid of the problem with other treatments. With one treatment of Lice Ice, the students were back in school and have stayed free of lice! A “dream come true” for school nurses!
School Nurse
Kerrville, TX
Customers come back to tell us how great their experience was with Lice Ice.
York, SC
Your products are a tremendous help for my family. I found them effective immediately
Wilmington, DE
We successfully used your lice treatment several years ago and I referred a friend the other night. Just talking about it made me feel like re-stocking my supply. I spray my children’s brushes everyday before brushing with the mixture, just in case.
Atlanta, GA
I love your product! I have recently taken in 4 foster children who came to my home with head lice. I tried many products, all of which did not work. Then, a helpful school nurse gave me several bottles of Lice Ice. It worked great!! Thank you.
Albuquerque, NM
I had contacted you about Lice Ice and was grateful you have given me some other options to purchase this wonderful product. This is the only lice treatment I have found that actually works, and I do inform others about it. I swear by it. Thanks very much for everything.
Cedar Falls, IA
I will definitely use Lice Ice again! We had tried everything! And Lice Ice finally worked after just one application! Thank you for your trust. The product arrived in a timely manner, which was great because we couldn’t wait!
Mechanicsville, NY
I have a daycare in my home – this keeps us from falling prey to insects from 3 schools and 6 other homes. Even the children like the product.
Daycare provider
Noble, Oklahoma
It worked well, really well. I would recommend it to a friend.
Henderson, TX
I found Lice Ice was easy to use, I had good results. Yes, I would use Lice Ice again.
Jasper, TX
Thank you so much for the Lice Ice. It arrived at such an opportune time as one of our staff members was about at her wits end trying to treat her children for head lice and of course to no avail. I gave her the Lice Ice and so far…no more critters! It has been almost two weeks. I am VERY anxious to find a source for purchasing the product so I can refer parents to it.
School Nurse
Indianola, Iowa
Our camp sends 10-year old girls to summer camp at no-cost to the parents. We have a problem handling head lice in a manner not to be an embarrassment or health hazard for the girls. The camp personnel used your product, Lice Ice, this past year. We were very pleased with the outcome. It eliminated the need for harsh shampooing and the tedious, time-consuming job of combing for nits. We had 200 girls attend camp and 24 needed treating. We would appreciate any assistance you could give us with our camping program
Camp Chairman
Mount Pleasant, Iowa
We have Lice Ice in our Drug Town now and are recommending it to our “buggy” children. I am writing to request some brochures to hand out… it would be a great way to promote its benefits.
School Nurse
Indianola, Iowa
Thanks for making a wonderful product that worked better than the chemical remedies. After moving to Iowa my daughter came down with lice within her first year of going to school here. We tried everything from hand picking to smothering with olive oil and the electric combs, not to mention all the chemical treatments we gave our poor little girl. Those did more damage to her scalp then the lice! NOTHING worked, until I found LICE ICE! Everything from adult lice to the eggs and the nits were gone after the first treatment. We are now using it diluted as a preventative everyday (in my hair also as I work with kids.) as there are still cases of lice even through the summer months. Thank you for making a safe, natural and sure to work product. I’ll never use anything else again. I’m recommending it to the mothers I know and my Brownie Troop and when school starts, I’ll let the school nurses know about this product. I better not forget to mention the great information and help I got through the phone with one of your angels. Thank you so much!
Centerville, IA

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